Business Strategy

We intend to focus on potential acquisition targets in the healthcare industry. While we may acquire a business in any region globally, we will focus on finding an asset with a strong China nexus.

We believe the healthcare sector in Asia has historically benefited from the in-licensing of novel or differentiated therapies to address critical unmet medical needs in Greater China and other emerging Asia Pacific markets. Today, we are witnessing the rise of healthcare out-licensing from China, a phenomenon that creates a ‘two-way’ traffic that brings significant benefits to patients in both China and Western countries.

Our management team has demonstrated a strong track record of creating significant shareholder values at healthcare companies across the various stages of development. Leveraging on our broad network, deep industry insights, exceptional operational expertise and proven deal execution, we believe our team has the relevant skills and experiences to generate significant shareholder value.

We believe our team is uniquely qualified to apply the right judgement to Invest, Operate, and Illuminate the value of our potential business combination in the capital markets.

We will focus our search for business combination targets in three verticals of the healthcare industry.
Namely: pharmaceuticals, medtech and diagnostics. We intend to focus on a three prong acquisition and sourcing strategy:
High-quality standalone private healthcare companies
companies in the pharmaceutical, medtech and diagnostics industries seeking to benefit from the growing consumption power of Chinese patients and greater affordability driven by innovation.
Portfolio companies within Private Equity Funds
portfolio companies that have suffered from under-investment or could have greater potential under our active management. We believe that these businesses would benefit from our focused and active ownership, operating know-how and local expertise, which will help them scale their business and drive operational improvement.
Divisions within Multinational, U.S., European and Asian healthcare companies
highly innovative and differentiated companies lacking the capital and local resources to fully utilize the potential of their products outside of their home markets, especially in underpenetrated areas where the lack of treatment options has resulted in a large gap between the global and Asian markets.